Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry

Who is Exaltexx

  • Forward-thinking chemical innovators
  • Leader in industrial chemistry distribution, oil and gas production operations and technology commercialization
  • Focused on the introduction of 2 new chemical platforms:
  1. Making strong acids safe
  2. Partially upgrading long chain hydrocarbons

Exaltexx offers two direct to market brands:

  • Flotexx - Flow assurance applications
  • Stimtexx - Stimulation applications
  • Exaltexx Enhanced – Through distribution channels we co-brand and offer our formulations

Production Enhancement Platforms

AMA (Artificial Maturing Agent)

  • Reduces Long-Chains
    • Carbon number shifts
    • Reduction of paraffin and asphaltene
    • Increased light ends
  • Reduced interfacial tensions
    • Results in increased demulsifier efficiency
    • Release of solution gases

SPA (Safe Performance Acids)

  • Ionically balanced acids for safe applications of
    • HCl
    • HF
    • H2SO4
    • H3PO4
  • No reduction in acid performance
  • Can be diluted while maintaining HSE benefits

SPA HCL: Dermally Safe Controlled – HCl

  • Cost effective alternative to Synthetic acid
  • Control 30% HCl
  • Further dilute with H2O & Additives
  • No reduction on HCl performance
  • May slightly retard acid
  • Significantly reduced fuming
    • Reduced scrubbing when blending

Learn about Exaltexx Inc.

Exaltexx is a technology development company formed to bring  these powerful new chemical technologies to a variety of markets to benefit a variety of customers, distributors, partners & applications. Our head office is located in Calgary Alberta. Please contact us today to discuss how to put our revolutionary new chemicals to work for your applications.